Better Odds with Bigger Bets in Gambling

Regardless of the type of gambling they prefer, there are people out there who really believe that they will get better odds with bigger bets. Sportsbooks see it quite often, and casinos often report the same. However, perhaps the biggest group of people who believe in this direct wager-to-return ratio are the people who prefer slots.

The Prime Example

This scenario actually arises out of the dilemma that many people face when it comes time to enjoy a gambling session. They have a $20 bill in their pocket, walk into their favorite casino whether in Vegas, Reno, or Atlantic City, and try to figure out the best way to turn that $20 into $100 or more. There is one group who believes that they can find themselves a high-stakes slot machine, place one huge wager, and get a nice return with which they can continue to do the same until they are satisfied with their earnings. The other group believes that they will have the same odds if they stick to the penny machines. Which one is right? Well, the truth is that the chances of winning do not rise in tandem with the wager amounts in almost any game. Almost.

The Exception to the Rule

While it isn't true for slot machines, it is absolutely possible to enjoy better odds with bigger bets in video poker. In almost every single option from every single provider out there, the number of coins received for putting together the premium hands (royal flush, straight flush, etc.) climbs significantly whenever the maximum number of coins are spent. Now, this shouldn't be confused with the maximum wager since gamblers don't have to use the largest coin denomination available. They can still choose to use a nickel if they'd like, but they need to use the largest number of nickels available. Of course, with this option, the max bet will also provide a much better return.

The Best Strategy

Going back to slot machines, the experts all agree on one thing: the best way to build your bankroll (and, by proxy, your "fortune") is to go at it slowly but surely. As such, what you will want to do is find a machine with a decent rate of return and a penny-per-line stake. Then, make sure that you use enough pennies to activate all of the paylines, whether this is 20 or 50, so that you have the best chances to collect on each spin.

Thus, if you want to know whether you can get better odds with bigger bets, the truth is that it all depends on the game you prefer. This doesn't hold true at all for slots, but it can certainly help you rack up some cash in video poker.