Win Millions and Have Fun Doing It with Progressive Slots

Originating in the United States in the late 1800s, slots have undergone many transformations over the past century and still remain one of the most popular casino games, both online and off. Some of the earliest ones gave out gum and candy to winners, but today's versions allow players to try for progressive jackpots that are increasing in value by the minute.

What Are Progressive Slots?

They began in traditional land based casinos, but online gambling establishments have perfected them. These prizes are continuously progressing in size, hence the name. Each time someone spins the reels, a portion of their wager is added to the accumulating prize pool. In traditional casinos, several machines throughout the building are contributors. In an online casino, a worldwide network of players is placing bets in hopes of cashing in, causing it to increase at an exponential rate.

How to Play

This is one of the simplest games in the casino and it requires absolutely no skill to win. Just select your bet amount, choose the pay lines you would like to wager on, and click the spin button. Winning combinations and the payouts for each vary depending on the game variation and the casino. The software keeps track of your remaining credits and your wins, allowing you to cash out at any time. To qualify for a progressive slots jackpot win, you have to take the maximum bet in addition to matching the right combination.

Plenty of Options

There are dozens of different variations to choose from, ranging from creative twists on classic styles to unique video slots with complex story lines. Traditional 3-reel games are still quite popular, along with 5-reel versions that offer additional payout possibilities. Some of the best are themed versions based on movies, sports, and other popular subjects. High quality graphics, realistic sound effects, and bonus rounds are other common features at an online casino.

Where to Play

You can find a great selection of this classic game of chance at almost every online casino, but not every gambling site offers such a huge potential pot. Establishments that operate on a well-known platform such as Microgaming or Cryptologic usually have the biggest prize pools. Real Time Gaming casinos are usually the best choice for residents of the United States. The global network has jackpots worth millions of dollars and a tremendous selection of creative titles. These casinos are safe and reliable, and most RTG websites accept US residents.

Growing Jackpots

Rather than the candy prizes of yesteryear, today's machines pay out in big cash wins, especially when you play progressive slots. These jackpots are continuously growing, so when someone cashes in on the big money, it will only be a matter of minutes before the prize is once again worth millions. Remember, if you're hoping for a jackpot prize, you will need to take the maximum bet every time you spin.