What Are the Best Slots Features?

The slots of today have come a long way since the classic reeled machines that were seen at the turn of the 20th century. Online casinos have introduced an entirely new take on this classic gambling staple and the leading software developers keep adding new twists to heighten the excitement. You may be surprised at all of the slots features that are currently available.

Themed Options and Video Slots

From superheroes to holidays, themed titles keep players engaged by incorporating unique symbols, movie clips, and other extras into traditional machines. Advanced graphics and display drivers allow developers to create realistic experiences with complex story lines and sound effects that provide hours of entertainment. New themes and variations are released on a regular basis so players never get bored with the available selection and always come back for more.

Wild Symbols

Both themed and classic versions will offer various bonus features that increase your win potential and extend your play time. Wild symbols can multiply your profits across several lines and may trigger additional surprises, like free spins or bonus rounds. Usually, the wild symbols appear in creative ways. Cascading wilds, for instance, appear after the reels stop so you can get paid for any standard wins, as well as multiple matches made during the wild card round.

Other Features and Free Spins

Some of the most exciting slots features are bonus rounds that begin after your original spin. These rounds may appear randomly or could be triggered by a combination of symbols, and are usually some sort of interactive activity. It may be an arcade style mini-game based on the theme or a hand of blackjack. You may have to pick cards to make matches or to uncover a specified symbol, or you may be given a scratch off card for a chance at special prizes. These bonuses may reward you with extra cash, free spins, multipliers, and more.

Progressive Jackpots and More

Depending on the game variation you're playing, you may come across several other extras. Progressive jackpots are usually worth millions of dollars and get bigger by the second. Some games include a nudge and hold option that allows you to move a reel to a better position or hold a reel and spin the rest again. There are also versions that offer large numbers of paylines, automatic play buttons, and unconventional payout combinations that provide thousands of different ways to win.

Modern Innovation

These games are nothing like they used to be, especially when you play at an online casino. The graphics and sound effects create an exciting atmosphere, while the expansive selection of variations and themes will provide hours of entertainment. Whether you're looking for huge jackpots, intriguing bonus games, or more opportunities to win with free spins and multipliers, today's assortment of slots features are sure to make your experience even more enjoyable since there are no two that are exactly the same.