What Are Your Options in Online Slots for Real Money?

With so many different kinds of online slots for real money available in today's Internet casinos, how can you ever decide what to play? This guide to all of the different varieties will help you learn all about playing online slots for real money, including how to find the ones that best match your personality.


The classic option has three reels which feature a variety of images that must match up in one of several winning combinations in order for you to receive a payout. These do not have the computer graphics, special features and all the bells and whistles of some of the newer technology, but they are a well-loved classic game that many people enjoy. Players of all ages like seeing the retro cherry motif on the spinning reels - and they are easily found in any Internet casino worth its salt. Many establishments even offer different types of penny machines for players on a budget.


In a fun variation of the classic version, some of the modern offerings feature five reels. This can be great for you since more reels equals more chances of hitting a winning combination for a big jackpot! One of the most popular five-reel titles of all time, Cleopatra's Gold, is a good introduction if you are new to the game. This 20-payline option focuses on the main character, Cleopatra, a powerful and intriguing female historical figure. More paylines means more chances to win real money - a potentially good investment considering the low cost of wagering.

Video and 3D

Video slots are so popular now that they now make up the largest percentage of casino games. These have many paylines for more chances to win and really grab your attention. A good example of one of the most exciting titles available is Vampires Feast, a game with a whopping 30 paylines. It even has a good storyline where you are at the center of a suspenseful tale of a detective who must solve terrible crimes. 3D options ramp up the attraction even more, making you feel like you're really part of the game with the superior graphics.

Progressive Jackpots

Finally, there are some titles which feature progressive jackpots and they are by far the most popular and sought-after of all. They are linked through all of a gambling company's affiliated sites, allowing the jackpot to grow and grow as players wager more and more money. These can reach up into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, making them one of the most exciting and suspenseful options out there. Birds of Fury is one great progressive jackpot title that allows you to line up angry birds and win cash. There is a style and theme out there for everyone.

Online slots for real money provide great entertainment, variety and ultimately satisfaction when you manage to hit a jackpot. Now that you know the difference between all the different varieties of machine, you won't feel overwhelmed when faced with the selection on your favorite gambling website.